Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 2#

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Brand: Pretty2U
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Name Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 2#
Specification 10ml
Weight 35g       

Why choose Pretty2u nail polish?

          Pretty2u nail polish no contain Acetone,Formaldehyde,Toluene,DBP and harmful substance.

Produce by our factory,we are using 100% good quality import product to produce the nail polish,

advanced skill make the nail polish more easy to dry when apply.

Compare with the same quality product, of cause we will choose the right one not the expensive one.


Why nail COLOR view from computer and after received the actual product was different?

          Online shopping cannot avoid color different problem, our product photo all is taken by

ourselves,after that will pass to our designer correct the color until become the nearest color of

the actual product.However computer color monitor appear  was different and personal subjective,

so buyers must more alert consider it.


How to choose a suitable color for yourself?

          Yellowish skin don't choose yellow series, gold series nail polish,because it will look

more yellow.You can choose Pink,nude,purple,dark color,burgundy,still is a wide range choice.

          Blackish skin don't choose black,maroon,dark color nail polish,can choose natural nude

color nail polish,elegant color will more easy to suit the skin.

          White skin any color also can suit it.


How to take care my nail polish?

          Always put at shady place,nail polish cap must clean with the remover after use it,don't let the 

dry nail polish remain at the cap,if not the air easy go inside effect the nail polish. Therefore take 

some time to clean it.


Apply nail color must use base coat and top coat together?

          Yes,this is compousarly,because base coat and top coat is the basic function coat for the

nail color apply.

Benifit of apply base coat: Make your nail more firm,not change color. Base coat very fast dry,

                                               can become a layer of protector for the nail,prevent pollution and 

                                               continue grow with healthy.

Benifit of apply top coat: Top coat not only for shine, it will make the nail become more hard,and 

                                            protect our nail to avoid  food straight away get  touch the nail polish, 

                                            It look more shine and more pretty with apply the top coat.

Warm Tips

If you received damage product or missing some product, don't be too worry,

you can straight away contact our customer service they will help you.


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